Thanks for interest in our club!

Our club fishes 15 tournaments in and around South Jersey.  Here is how to become a member:

1-1st fish 3 tournaments as a "guest” (You can only fish 3 tournaments as a guest per year) After fishing 3 tournaments you will have a good idea if joining the club is for you. Tournaments fees are $25 each.

2- Then you are eligible to become a full time member if we have not reached our 30 member limit. We have a number of spots still open for 2018.  Members must be 18 or older. The reason we have a 30 member limit is that our lakes in SJ are somewhat small and we want to be able to keep enough fishing room for all anglers.

3- We have 8 club meetings per year which we encourage all members to attend.

4- Our next meeting will be held at the Hammonton Library -Thursday 2/15/20/18   at 7:00 PM     

You are welcome to come to a meeting and meet the group!

Also “Like” our Facebook page as a lot if information is on there. 

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Layne Ell


South Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club