South Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club

"South Jersey's original freshwater kayak bass fishing club"

Club Schedule

Sat. 8/25 6:00 AM Tournament #13 Sunset & Mary Elmer

A 1st in the history of the SJKBFC-- a two lake tournament! Anglers can pick between Sunset and or Mary Elmer Lakes to compete in teh clubs 13th tournament of the 2018 season.

Sat. 9/8 6:30 AM Tournament #14 Farrington Lake

This lake has quickly become a favorite of SJKBFC anglers!

Thu. 9/20 7:00 PM Members Meeting

Annual Rules and ByLaws  Review Meeting.

Sat. 9/22 6:30 AM Tournament #15 Carnegie Lake

The season finale will be held at Carnegie Lake in Princeton NJ. 

Sat. 10/6 7:00 AM The "CIVIL WAR" SJKBFC vs NJKBFC

The 1st ever "CIVIL WAR" will be held at Carnegie Lake!

The South Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club will take on the North Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club in a true batlle of North vs South!

Sat. 10/13 7:00 AM 2018 SJKBFC Classic Day 1- D.O.D. Lake

The quest foir "THE BELT"

Day 1 of the 2018 CLASSIC will be held at D.O.D. Lake 

Sun. 10/14 7:00 AM SJKBFC Classic Day 2 Sunset Lake

The Quest for "THE BELT" !

Day 2 of the Classic will be at Sunset Lake.

The winner will be crowned here!

Thu. 10/18 7:00 PM Members Meeting

2019 Schedule Meeting

Thu. 11/15 7:00 PM Members Meeting

The 2018 banquet meeting!

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