South Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club

"New Jersey's original freshwater kayak bass fishing club"

How do I join the club?

Click on the How to Compete! tab at the top of the page for more information, or contact Layne Ell at

How much does it cost?

Initial membership fee is $50 for the first year.  Continued membership is $35 each year.

What do I get for my membership dues?

 As a member in good standing you will be eligible to participate in all club functions, tournaments, voting privileges etc. 

How do the tournaments work?

All of our tournaments are catch, photo, release.
Anglers measure their catch on a official measuring device.  If the catch is over 12 inches, the fish is photographed on the Hawg Trough with a digital camera or smart phone..  At the end of the tournament, the anglers report their results to the Tournament Director.  The Tournament Director evaluates the pictures to determine the length of each fish.   A total of 5 pictures can be submitted.  The angler with the overall total length wins the event.

How much is the entry fee for each tournament?

Members - $20
Guests - $25

Why is there a cap of 30 anglers to be in the club?

The only reason we have a cap of 30 members is because of the size of the lakes in Southern New Jersey. Unfortunately our lakes are small in size and we feel 30 kayaks on any particular lake is about the maximum amount of anglers these bodies of water can support with out everyone fishing on top of each other.