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Updated 9/24/23

Thanks for your interest in our club!

Our club limits full time membership to 30 anglers.  Any non member kayak angler (18 or older) may fish any "OPEN" event.

Our club fishes 15 tournaments in and around South Jersey.  Here is how to become a member:

1.  Must fish 3 tournaments as a "guest" Non members can fish any tournament designated as an "OPEN" Event.  After fishing 3 tournaments you will have a good idea if joining the club is for you.  Guest tournament fees are $25 per tournament.

2.  Once you have fished 3 tournaments you are eligible to become a full time member, if we have not reached our 30 member limit.  Members must be 18 or older.  The reason we have a 30 member limit is that our lakes in South Jersey are somewhat small and we want to be able to keep enough fishing room for all anglers.

3.  We have 8 club meetings per year which we encourage all members to attend.  Once you become a member, to remain in good standing, you must fish 5 tournaments and you must attend 4 meetings and/or designated functions per year.

4.  Our next meeting will be Thursday Match 7th, 2024 at 7:00pm at the Hammonton Library, 451 S. Egg Harbor Road, Hammonton NJ.

You are welcome to come and meet the group!  Also, "Like" our Facebook page as a lot of information is on there.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Greg Rappaport


South Jersey Kayak Bass Fishing Club


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